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About The Holocaust Resource Center



The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo



Founded in 1983, The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo is committed to heightening public awareness, knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust. This is achieved through documentation and personal testimony of local holocaust survivors, through the education of future generations with in-school visits and presentations, and through a wide-range of in-service workshops, along with the distribution and loan of educational materials for teachers.


The Holocaust Resource Center’s mission is to:

·          Honor the Victims of The Holocaust

·          Remember the Events of the Holocaust

·          Teach the Lessons of the Holocaust


Serving as a major resource of Holocaust materials, the Center offers over 500 books on the Holocaust and Holocaust-related topics, a complete videotape library including over 100 oral testimonies, current educational enrichment materials from around the world, a complete set of instructional materials prepared by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, poster sets for classroom use, and book boxes containing 30-40 books each on Holocaust-related topics selected for students in grades 6-12. Class sets of Night, Daniels Story, All But My Life, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Cage, Two Pounds of Sugar, The Survivor in Us All, and others are also available for teachers.


The speakers Bureau of The Holocaust Resource Center includes local Holocaust Survivors who are volunteers. This program is available to Schools, Churches, Synagogues, organizations and businesses. A donation to the Holocaust Resource Center is suggested in honor of the speaker.


Community Outreach


We reach the minds and hearts of the Western New York community with our expertise in planning such programs as the:


·          Teacher workshops for Middle and High School Teachers.

·          Distance Learning Course to H.S. students through Erie 1 and Erie 2 BOCES.

·          Guided visits to Washington and the United States Holocaust memorial Museum.

·          Interfaith Holocaust Commemoration.

·          Yom Hashoah commemoration and memorial Service at the site if WNY’s monument for the six million.

·          November Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) Observance.

·          Annual Cemetery Memorial Service.

·          Mary Deane Freeland and Boris and Renee Joffe Annual Arts and Writing Contest for 8th-12th grades.

·          Holocaust Education-related Synagogue and Church programs.


Additionally, we provide:


·          A speakers Bureau

·          Multi-media presentations for students from middle school through college.

·          Programs on Genocide (Darfur).

·          Adult education.

·          Films, authors & art exhibits.



Materials Available


The Holocaust Resource Center serves as a major resource repository of Holocaust materials in Western New York, available resources include:


·          Adult and children’s’ literature.

·          Films and video tapes.

·          Maps.

·          Historical Documents.

·          Memorabilia.

·          Newspaper Articles.

·          Pamphlets and periodicals

·          Posters and photographs.

·          Encyclopedias and scholarly reference books.



The Memorial Sculpture


Click the Memorial photo above for a high resolution version!




Sculptor Bernard “Tony” Rosenthal was commissioned to create the Memorial Dedicated on April 17, 1977, the Memorial Sculpture is in the courtyard of the Jewish Community Center in Amherst New York.


Made of stainless steel, the memorial is designed with five large panels; each panel moving like a book. There are reminders of the Holocaust on every “page” of the unconventional “book”. The Memorial serves as Western New York’s symbol of remembrance.



Membership Information


·          The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo, Inc. (HRC) is a non-profit (501C), nonsectarian, community supported corporation. The HRC is staffed by an Executive Director and a dedicated group of volunteers.


·          Member support is vital to the The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo.


·          Managed by a nonsectarian Board of Directors, The Holocaust Resource Center is partially funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Buffalo, and is supported by public and private contributions, annual membership dues, individual foundations grants, and state agencies for special projects.


·          Memorial and “special event” donations are acknowledged at any level.


·          S.A.S. – Send a Student to Washington. Donations to the Distance Learning Washington Trip Fund are welcome.



We serve as a liaison with local and national agencies on Holocaust-related programming, and maintain contact with the media on Holocaust-related topics, events and issues.


We would like to hear from you!
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The Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo
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