Adolph Hitler

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Rise of A Tyrant - Adolph Hitler




Adolf Hitler was the hate-filled leader of the Nazi Party and Germany from 1933-1945. He waged a military war in Europe and a campaign to destroy the Jewish people which almost destroyed Western civilization in the process.


When Adolf Hitler campaigned for election as Chancellor (prime minister) and promoted a policy of deutschland uber alles--Germany above all else--the nationalistic Germans listened to him. They wanted very much to see their country regain the power and prestige it had lost after their defeat in World War I. Hitler took advantage of this desire, and of their general anger and frustration, and connected these feelings to the long-standing contempt that many Germans had for the Jews. Hitler preached that the Jews were the cause of all of Germany's misfortunes.


Hitler was a spellbinding public speaker who understood his audience. When he stressed that the Jews were different from the Aryans (the caucasian non-Jews of Germany), and said that the difference was dangerous, he told them what they wanted to hear. He simplified complex issues, promised Germans a better life and a glorious future, and accepted the responsibility of purging Germany of the Jews and their dangerous influences. His theories of the racial superiority of the Germans and the racial inferiority of the Jews gave the Germans a pseudo-scientific basis for the long-standing anti-Semitic feelings that had always shadowed even the best Jewish-Christian relationships in Germany. These views demanded the elimination of the Jews in order to have a healthy Germany, and as Hitler rose to power these ideas became more and more apealing to many Germans.


In January 1933, after elections were held in which Hitler's Nazi Party won 44% of the vote, Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by President Paul Von Hindenburg. Hitler established a coalition government and began to dismantle the fragile democracy that existed, eventually demanding a receiving from the German parliment the power to form a totalitarian government with absolute control placed in his hands.


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