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Library Videos


Policy of the Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo, New York:

All media housed in the Holocaust Resource Center Library is available free to schools in the Western New York area. Since the Holocaust Resource Center is a non-profit agency, if you do not pick up the media items, we would appreciate that you assume our costs of mailing media materials to you. All request for materials must be submitted on school letterhead with the signature of the responsible instructor. No materials will be sent to students.

All media may be borrowed for up to 3 weeks.


Other Resources Available

Holocaust Survivors are available to speak in area schools to grades 8-12 based on availability. Speakers should be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance. An honorarium for speaking engagements is requested. Testimonies of 19 Survivors can be found on our Web site. Survivor testimonies are also available on videotape from the HRC.


Book Boxes

The Holocaust Resource Center has book boxes that consist of approximately 35 - 40 carefully selected books recommended by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. They are available for loan with no charge to Western New York schools.


Six book boxes are appropriate for grades 6-12. These book boxes may be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time.


The Holocaust Resource Center also has available for loan 206 copies of the book Daniel’s Story (appropriate for grades 5-8), 50 copies of the following books: Night (appropriate for grades 10-12), The Cage, by Ruth Sender, The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank's Life, by Willy Lindwer, The Other Vitims by Ina Friedman and All But My Life, by Gerda Klein, which may be borrowed as classroom sets.

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